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旅館ホテルリゾートSpasレンタル期間レンタル年次 Фޤ
Show your property to a PUBLIC interested in renting

This site is intended for the Inns, Hotels, Resorts, Spas, Rental Season and Annual Rent. Check out below the advantages to advertise.

Deal directly with the concerned
       Get your reservations in direct mail or telephone. No brokerage or commission. The customer is direct contact with the advertiser.

Global reach and running 24 hours a day
       Unlike the limited reach of newspapers, your ad reaches the whole world, our site is available in 4 languages and Portuguese, English, Spanish and Japanese.
       The Pousadas Portal is published in the major capitals of Brazil, to an audience of all social classes, who likes to travel in leisure and vacation seasons.

Show UNLIMITED photos of your property and then
       Show your property through pictures and hence expedite the closing of the business.

Provide detailed description
       Provide a broad description, include all the characteristics, structures and details of your property.

Change your ad when you want
       You can change the description of your ad on the Internet, secure page protected by login and password, only you can change the data in your ad.

Promote your web address
       We provide a unique address of your ad on the Internet.
       If you already have a website, you can also include a link to it on your ad.

Less than R$ 1.00 (BRL) per day
       An ad in the newspaper costs on average R$ 40.00 (BRL) for only 1 day per ad. In our website the price is below R$ 1.00 (BRL) a day (in the annual plan)

Advanced Search System
       We have an advanced search system for customers to find your ad.

Location on Google Maps
       System location of your ad on Google Maps.

Reserve System / Advanced Contact
       We have a system for booking / contact advanced customers come into direct contact with the advertiser. Administered through the area for advertisers.

Management system and orders
       Get an e-mail 20 days before the due date
       If you do not have interest in continuing with the announcement, in the e-mail is sent the link to cancel
       Search quality

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ιĴ eMarketer
Marlia Beatriz G. Pangrcio - Tibau do Sul - RN

Gostei muito da promoo e do lay out do site.

Esperamos um resultado positivo nesta parceria que se inicia.


Marlia Pangrcio.

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Tel.: +55 (11) 3230-6255

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Tel.: +55 (41) 4042-0570

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Tel.: +55 (51) 4042-0269

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Tel.: +1 213 985 3092

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旅館ホテルリゾートSpasレンタル期間レンタル年次 Фޤ
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